Do Leg Extensions Hurt Your Knees?

Do Leg Extensions Hurt Your Knees?

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Since I workout at home… I was looking for another type of leg exercise besides the standard leg extensions and squats etc.

Came across this video and cool leg exercise.

Back in my gym days… I was a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer. I agree that leg extensions put alot of stress on the knees and you should be very careful when doing them.

When I do leg extensions…

1. I always put the pad as high as it will go on my leg (closest to the knee). This will reduce the stress and load on the knees.

2. I will go lighter and focus more on the rep tempo. Try counting 3-4 seconds up (on the positive) and then counting 6-10 seconds down (on the negative).

3. Be sure to watch your knee tracking (knees don’t move in as it gets harder) to ensure you don’t put unnecessary stress on the knees.


Standard Cover My Butt Disclosure…
Warning: Always consult a physician before starting any workout routine etc…


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