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Battle Rope Buying Guide – What Are Battle Ropes?

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Battle Rope Buying Guide What Are Battle Ropes? Where To Buy Battle Ropes? 50ft 2.5 inch: http://drdanlikes.com/onnit-br 50ft 2 inch: http://drdanlikes.com/battlerope 50ft 1.5 inch: http://drdanlikes.com/br-50-1-5 40ft 1.5 inch: http://drdanlikes.com/br-40 Wall Anchor: http://drdanlikes.com/rope-anchor   Here are some great Battle Rope Videos: What Are Battle Ropes? [svpVideo v=1] Read More »

Blue Yeti Mic Tips – Setup Stand Pop Filter and Shock Mount

Blue Yeti Mic, Dr Dan Likes, Mic Tips

In this video I show you how to set up the Blue Yeti Mic to a Rhode Swivel Stand, Blue Pop Filter and Blue Shock Mount. This is my own setup and I love the Blue Yeti Mic. Super easy to setup and use. You can Read More »

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