Blue Yeti Mic Tips – Setup Stand Pop Filter and Shock Mount

Blue Yeti Mic Tips – Setup Stand Pop Filter and Shock Mount

Blue Yeti Mic, Dr Dan Likes, Mic Tips

In this video I show you how to set up the Blue Yeti Mic to a Rhode Swivel Stand, Blue Pop Filter and Blue Shock Mount.

This is my own setup and I love the Blue Yeti Mic. Super easy to setup and use.

You can get all of this on Amazon:

Yeti Mic:

Shock Mount:

Blue Pop Filter:

Swivel Stand:

Other Stuff I Use With My Setup:

Bose Desktop Speakers:

Bose MIE2i Earphones:

I plug the Bose headphones into the Bose Desktop speakers. This way I dont have a wire hanging off the Yeti Mic which would be annoying to me.

Also: The Bar that I used to attached the pop filter to the mic actually came with the Blue Pop Filter:

This Video Relates to yeti microphone review and yeti microphone settings. Also yeti microphone instructions and blue yeti review. Also covers blue yeti pop filter, blue yeti amazon, blue yeti accessories and blue yeti condenser mic. Will go over blue yeti mic stand and also blue yeti microphone pop.

This was the original video I posted:

It basically shares the same stuff. I made the new video because some people were still asking how to set up the pop filter.


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