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Battle Rope Buying Guide – What Are Battle Ropes?

Dr Dan Likes, Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Health, Workout

Battle Rope Buying Guide What Are Battle Ropes? Where To Buy Battle Ropes? 50ft 2.5 inch: http://drdanlikes.com/onnit-br 50ft 2 inch: http://drdanlikes.com/battlerope 50ft 1.5 inch: http://drdanlikes.com/br-50-1-5 40ft 1.5 inch: http://drdanlikes.com/br-40 Wall Anchor: http://drdanlikes.com/rope-anchor   Here are some great Battle Rope Videos: What Are Battle Ropes? [svpVideo v=1] Read More »

How To Turn Off Notifications On Mac

Mac Tips, Rookie Mistakes, Screencast Tips, Screenflow, Video Tips, Webinar Tips

How To Turn Off Notifications On Mac This is a rookie mistake that I see alot of people make when they are either recording a screencast or doing a live webinar. They have their dock bouncing with notifications from either Skype of Apple Messages or something Read More »

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Blue Yeti Mic Tips – Setup Stand Pop Filter and Shock Mount

Blue Yeti Mic, Dr Dan Likes, Mic Tips

In this video I show you how to set up the Blue Yeti Mic to a Rhode Swivel Stand, Blue Pop Filter and Blue Shock Mount. This is my own setup and I love the Blue Yeti Mic. Super easy to setup and use. You can Read More »

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Screenflow Tutorial – How To Set View Yourself On Screen While Recording Yourself

Mac Tips, Screenflow, Video Tips

Screenflow Tutorial – How To Record Yourself and While Monitoring Yourself. In this video I show you how to record yourself on screen using screenflow while also being able to monitor yourself. Meaning you can view yourself on screen while you record. If you plan on Read More »

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